Things are getting blurry because we’re always glued to our screens: our monitors, our phones, our tablets. When your eyes don’t work like they used to before, it’s time to invest in glasses that will stand the test of forgotten cases, survive being thrown inside bulky bags and might even make it through getting sat on.

Here are our picks from the tried and tested brand of frames, Ray-Ban:

The Ja-Jo (PHP 7,990)

Pinned, saved and shared. These golden rimmed frames are flattering on every skin tone and give us music festival vibes. Frames like this fit a variety of facial structures. Plus, these look fantastic in otherwise horrid office lighting! The Ja-Jo will make your older tita colleagues say, “in fair” and make millennials officemates shriek, “I waaaaant!”

The General (PHP 8,990)

The General is a classic and always comes through. These glasses are versatile and will never fail to complete your chic aesthetic. Whether you’re slowly cruising through EDSA traffic or heading a startup and having a brunch meeting, The General always commands attention and maybe a salute to your style.

The Graphene (PHP 10,990)

Grey frames are less severe than black, and in a matte finish like The Graphene can blend in with your features instead of hiding them. We’d recommend this to our friends who are accident prone and always seem to put their glasses on their seat or on their beds. These frames are made of graphene which is 200 times stronger than steel but like 6x lighter and incredibly resilient.

The Double Bridge (PHP 11,990)

Ray-Ban has been the golden standard for shades and these frames show us why. These blue sky and sunset fade sunnies are hot fire and they’ll be poppin’ for years to come. We can imagine ourselves rockin’ up for an early meetup with friends, cheering our bae in their rugby games or strolling in Siargao and Boracay. Yup, you’ll be looking lit in these.

Edited by Dan Buenaventura

Photography by Paolo Crodua

Art Direction by Karlo Torio

Styling by Kaye Pernia

Modeled by Elena Virata and Mikko Blues

Assisted by Sara Paredes and Paula Gisala

Ray-Ban® is available in authorized department stores and optical stores nationwide.