Gigi Hadid is getting her makeup moment. The real-life barbie just announced in her Instagram page that she has been working on a collection with Maybelline for a year. If you’re a fan, you know that homegirl can get it (shoutout to her sister Bella for making this a thing) with her girl-next-door sweet looks to avant-garde faces in the runway.


A year in the making.. #GIGIxMAYBELLINE COMING SOON. @maybelline ???

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And we’ve got high hopes for this collection. Maybelline has been known for churning out quality products in an affordable price point. We also love the fact that this drugstore bigshot and its mother company, L’Oréal are inclusive of POCs (person of color). Recently, the brand with reasonably-priced prods partnered with beauty influencer Shayla Mitchell (MakeupByShayla) to create a capsule collection. It was the first time for Maybelline to partner with a YouTube Guru, and it sent a positive message that they did so with a WOC (woman of color).

You’ll also remember that almost a decade ago Lancôme, its high-end sister brand, took a chance on YouTube juggernaut Michelle Phan who is of Vietnamese descent and the result increased the guru’s visibility and stardom.

This collab with Gigi Hadid will be something to look out for, especially because she has come under fire early this year after a video of her squinting and imitating the expression of a biscuit Buddha appeared in social media.

It almost curtailed her walking the runway in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Show in Shanghai, China when fans claimed she isn’t welcome in the country.

The incident happened early this year. With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happening this November, Gigi Hadid was warned not to take part in the show after her announcement was flooded by angry Asian fans with snakes and chicken emojis. The commenting has been turned off, but read here for more.

Last September, the rising supermodel issued an apology in the Chinese social media platform, Weibo, posting an apology in Mandarin and English.

You’d think this would settle matters, but reactors called for a proper apology in Twitter and Instagram, visible to everyone. People have also been pointing out the gap from the time the incident happened and the release of the apology. This has caused speculation that the model’s statement is insincere and was made only to aid in Gigi’s inclusion in the next VS Show. Read Elle’s take here.

Amidst the controversy and recent Vogue gender fluidity fiasco, Gigi seems to be ignoring the noise and focusing on the trajectory of her career. Here’s to hoping this is a lesson the half-Palestinian beauty will truly learn from and use this as a means to educate herself and get #woke. As a spokesperson for such an inclusive brand, we will soon see if the the blonde bombshell will step up and take notes from the company L’Oreal whose credo heavily and positively emphasises diversity in its culture.

Personally a fan of this half-Palestinian princess?  Here are some gorg looks to get you excited while waiting for Maybelline’s release:

Color blocking


bts shooting new @maybelline ? @erinparsonsmakeup ??‍?

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Striking Wing


day 2 with my @maybelline fam ? @erinparsonsmakeup

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Vampy lips

What makeup item are you excited to see from Gigi’s Maybelline collab? Sound off below!