2017 is almost up and we’ve gained plenty: new friends, new enemies, new memories, new pounds (sigh) and a whole bunch of new bad habits. It’s time to start looking back, reflecting on the year, (and how much you wrecked yo' self) to start prepping for the next. Best way to begin? Letting go of the bad juju you’ve accumulated over the past few months.


They say hindsight is 20-20, but we can always look to the stars for some guidance. Here are the things you have to let go of in 2018 based on your star sign:

Aries: Those “Hmmm wait lang.” episodes


Gurl, those life choices won’t make themselves if you don’t get off your #pabebe ass.

Taurus: That BP-increasing stress

Take 2018 off, Taurus. Your high BP levels are stressing me out.

Gemini: That lying to yourself


Be troo to you, honey. You already serve real tea to others, so do yourself a favor, and have a sip of some of that truth too!

Cancer: That nega “friend” who always gets you down


No to the negatrons!! Only the optimist primes!!

Leo: That collect-then-select mentality


Fam, it’s time to stop hoarding (and hoe-rding) and release your unnecessary catches.

Virgo: That toxic perfectionism


We all make mistakes. Just look at Kim K’s bleached blonde hair.

Libra: That neglect of self-care


Stop delaying solving your problems by playing fairy godmother. Focus on your own story.

Scorpio: That overly aggressive ‘tude


Inner peace. Our goal for next year is inner peace, violent one.

Sagittarius: Those past frustrations that keep haunting you

2018 is the light at the end of this 2017 tunnel. Emerge and slay.

Capricorn: That crippling self-doubt


Friend, let that diva in you out! Believe, fam. Believe.

Aquarius: That conceal-don’t-feel routine


It did not work for Elsa and it will not work for you. If you deadma the world, the world will deadma you.

Pisces: That GIVE-ME-EVERYTHING impulse


Just because all the best shit be coming at you next year, doesn’t mean you grab everything without thinking. Hinay-hinay lang, bes.

What are you letting go of for 2018? Shoot us a comment below!