Not one to back away from a fight, Mond Gutierrez looks upon the bull called life, prepares himself for the incoming struggle, and grabs it by the horns. This bull, of course, pertains to the #CenturyTunaNoExcuses challenge he’d chosen to accept at the beginning of the year. Like the people of the nation turning their gaze towards him as he documented his fitness journey across social media, I too had found myself staring in awe as he walked into I’M Hotel’s lobby in a simple muscle tee. He later mentions the hardships he’d gone through to transform into what he is today—the struggles were very real, although we all knew that come hell or high water, his success was imminent.

A traveler, events concept creator, and all-around #ItGuy, Mond Gutierrez doesn’t let the hysteria over his post-challenge body overshadow the rest of his being. Keep up as /ESCAPE delves into Mond’s comedic side, steel focus, and his secrets on how to keep a balanced lifestyle.

/ESCAPE: What makes Mond Gutierrez Mond Gutierrez?

MG: I’m not afraid to try something that interests me. I conceptualize events and launch them; I’m a partner at The Palace; I directed It Girls. If it’s something I can do, I go into it with extreme focus and try to do my best. I think that’s what sets me apart.

What is it about you that the public eye doesn’t get to see often?

MG: Sometimes people get intimidated because they think I’m too serious. They don’t know that I’m actually pretty funny. At least I think I am. I have a comedic side to me that not a lot of people get to see. Because on Instagram, you know, we post really cool photos and you don’t get to see my silly side.

Describe yourself in three words.

MG: That’s so hard. Literally. That’s so hard.

What’s your biggest secret?

MG: Why would I tell you? *laughs*

What makes you swipe right?

MG: On dating apps? I’m not really an active user, but I guess when the person seems well-traveled and not creepy.

And in person? If you see someone you like at the bar, what do you do?

MG: I don’t normally make the first move. I kind of just… don’t do anything. I just stand there. *laughs*

Tell us about the most important thing in your life at the moment.  

MG: I don’t wait for opportunities to come, I create them. It’s a new life, I feel like I could do anything. I was fun before but I felt restricted because of my weight and insecurities. I felt like I had a dark cloud over my head at all times, whereas now I have a more positive outlook.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

MG: That’s hard. Ever since I lost a lot of weight I’ve needed to change my wardrobe. Everything in my closet, pretty much, is new. I still keep my old stuff—I don’t throw it away because it’s a good reminder that I don’t want to go back to that size. But right now, I would have to say I’m really obsessed with these yellow aviator sunnies that I have. I’m gonna be wearing them a lot for summer. I also really love my Vetements hoodie.  

What are your favorite places on Earth?

MG: The places I fell in love with the moment I step foot in. New York, Paris, and Bali.

Are you more of a nature or urban traveler?

MG: I used to hate doing outdoorsy stuff, but now I’m more open-minded to it. I used to be so uncomfortable doing things under the sun. I hated walking in the heat. I was a really urban traveler—I loved big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Paris, whereas now, I’m really open to visit places like Vietnam and Cambodia. I want to see and revisit different places with this new body and perception.

What’s your fondest travel memory?

MG: The most recent one would have to be when I attended Paris Fashion Week. It opened my eyes to so many opportunities, allowed me to meet some amazing people, and let me sit front row at some of the biggest shows. For me, It’s kind of like a dream that I was living. Seeing Bella and Gigi Hadid walk by as well as seeing the editors and models I follow on Instagram—it was overwhelming.

What was the highlight of your Coachella experience?

MG: For the first week, there were a lot of pre-parties. These were house parties that were held outside of the actual festival venue. I was so excited to attend the Nylon Magazine and Revolve parties, as well as the Bumble party hosted by Kendall and Kylie. Those were really fun.


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How did you feel about Lady Gaga replacing Beyoncé?

MG: It was quite upsetting because I was excited to see Beyoncé. But I knew that at seven months pregnant, it was kind of impossible, so I was just waiting for the announcement that she couldn’t do it. Nothing against Lady Gaga fans, but she just did the Super Bowl. I just felt like Coachella needed something else and I was kind of rooting for Rihanna.

You throw the best events, of course. Which one would you call your most successful?

MG: I’m happy to say that all my events are successful. When I throw an event, I make sure that it’s an event that ~I~ want to go to. That’s the experience that I want to give people we invite. If it’s something that I know I’d want to go to, then I know that I threw a good party. Though the most memorable party we’ve done was definitely Magnum in 2013. That solidified my role as an events concept creator.

How did that Magnum party go?

MG: We had Azealia Banks flown in during the time that she had her biggest hit, 212. We locked down this house in Forbes Park, and everybody was there—it had such an awesome vibe. That night put my party-throwing skills on the map. It’s always going to mean a lot to me.

Do you have anything interesting coming up?

MG: There’s a lot of things. Again, this transformation’s given me a new perspective. It opened my eyes. Sometimes I don’t wait for opportunities to come, I create them.

You’ve started vlogging! Who can we expect to see on your upcoming vlogs?

MG: What’s nice about my vlogs is that I do it so randomly that my friends never know what I’m gonna record and put out there. Like, I just had a football match with Nico Bolzico and it’s really, really funny. A lot of my friends will appear at one point.

What’s your favorite food that Erwan taught you to make?

MG: Well he taught me how to make an omelette which I really didn’t know how to make. The other dishes he taught me were yummy but I could never replicate them at home. He can just prepare them for me.

What does a day in the life look like for you?

MG: I didn’t really have a daily routine before. My work could be hectic or it could be really slow. I would also be getting ready to go out at 10PM and only get home at 4AM, whereas now, I’m in bed by 10. I think that’s the most apparent change. But I choose my battles. If there’s something really important going on, if there’s a big event at The Palace, or if it’s a party I’m throwing, I’m there. But most of the time now, I stay at home. And I’m enjoying it.

What was the hardest part about your #CenturyTunaNoExcuses challenge?

MG: Coming into it, I wasn’t an avid gym goer and I hated lifting weights. I would occasionally do boxing but not at the point where I take it now. I started working out by taking spinning classes at Ride Revolution And I quickly got obsessed. One of the biggest adjustments would be that I started lifting weights regularly and that I stopped eating terribly. I used to eat junk food in the middle of the night—have a bag of chips in one sitting. That was the hardest part for me. All the adjustments.

Talk us through your meals in a day.

MG: Even before I started my fitness challenge, I stopped eating beef and pork. I ate chicken throughout December, and by January I decided to cut that out of my diet too. I’m a pescatarian now. I feel lighter and healthier. You’d be surprised that you’re not so limited with what you can eat. Everything’s still so yummy. It depends on what you cook and how you prepare it. I usually switch between tuna and salmon. People are like, “Oh my God, are you dying?” and I’m here like, no, it’s actually really good.

What’s the perfect cheat meal?

MG: I don’t do cheat meals, but I’ll have a chocolate bar at the end of a really awesome workout, or maybe a Magnum bar as a reward for myself. I’m obsessed with it.

What’s the workout you hate the most and the one you like the best?

MG: I hate weighted squats because I have really long legs so I feel like it’s such a far trip going down. Haha. I could never get the perfect form down but I’m still working on it. My favorite would have to be working on my shoulders and arms because surprisingly, I’m strong. Like, who knew?


So NO to leg day. How do you feel about cardio?

MG: I hate cardio in the morning. I have to wake up at 6AM and go on a run. The sprints I’m actually starting to enjoy but I get bored on the treadmill. I’d rather run outside with my friends.


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Favorite thing about yourself now?

MG: My weight. Haha. I’m kidding! My favorite thing about myself now is that I’m more open-minded.

What are you going to do now that the challenge has ended?

MG: I’m actually planning on maintaining it, like even when I went to L.A., I signed up at a gym and made sure it was near my hotel so I could just walk. I started enjoying it, I don’t see it as a hurdle anymore. I’ve rekindled friendships and surrounded myself with like-minded people that love working out and that are active.

How has the challenge affected your nightlife?

Now my hangouts with friends are actually working out, it’s actually fun. Of course, we go out once in awhile and party. It’s just in moderation. You have to keep it balanced.

Go-to drink?

MG: I really like Johnnie Walker with ginger ale. Coco Rocha taught me that.

Talk us through a wild night out with you.

MG: Oh my God, do you really wanna know? Well usually, we’d pregame first to round up the people and have a few cocktails. After that, my favorite place to go to now, obviously, is Revel. That’s my go-to spot if I want a really really fun night. But if it’s a Sunday, of course there’s the Sunday Social at Pool Club. I’ve missed a couple of Monday meetings because of it. I love going out because you never know what’s going to happen.

What’s your favorite /ESCAPE?

MG: I really enjoy the act of travelling. I love traveling alone and having ~me~ time. Going to the airport, being in my seat, and sitting through a really long flight. I think and reflect a lot when I’m inside the plane.

Lessons learned. Mond Gutierrez, for all he’s worth, is yet another person simply making it through one day at a time. From his sweat-inducing workouts, his unforgettable events, and his enviable /ESCAPEs, the reality star’s certainly got his hands full. One must only ask now; what’s next?

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