Short of living under a rock, you most probably have heard that the dice has been cast and a new queen has been crowned as Miss Universe 2017.


You know that it’s big when everyone in the world, in the universe rather (*wink*), has their eyes glued as the most monumental event for the pageant world is happening. But if you were one of those less fortunate to watch, you know that like most ground-breaking events, you can get your dose of savage, straight-to-the-point, witty, and play-by-plays of the event on Twitter.

Here are some of the #MissUniverse2017 crowning night highlights in the Twitter realm:

When the Pinoys had no chill because… Pinoy pride!

When people just knew there was no way in hell the Philippines wasn’t gonna be part of the top contestants

And that moment our heart stopped when Philippines wasn’t part of the Top 5 (and found a convenient time for a #hugot)

And decided to look elsewhere for entertainment away from the heartbreak

When people just found a way to insert a Four Sisters and a Wedding reference

That moment when people felt the injustice

But still looked at the brighter side of things

And people actually said what was on people’s minds

That expected but still very apt Mean Girls reference

Having congratulations in order for the winner of the competition and the winner of our hearts

But still being all political about the pageant #woke

When people were mature enough to accept the reality of defeat with dignity

As well as accepting failure gracefully from our champion

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