Sunglasses never go out of style—whenever you need it or wherever you are, it can make you look fab in a snap and also function in many other important ways. Obsessing over stylish sunnies and using “I might need it for something” as an excuse to buy a new pair is the way to go, but now we’re going to define that “something” and show you how sunnies can really save your life.

Obviously you can’t just use one pair for every occasion, so here are different pairs of sunnies you can use for every /ESCAPE:

Beach trip


For island girls, sunnies are very important not just for the sake of style but to actually protect their eyes from intense heat. Our tip, go for big frames and look as hot as the sun in your IG pics.

Trip to Paris


Did this pair scream “C’est top!” the moment you saw it? Look like a native on your trip to the city of love with these mirrored sunnies without even trying.

Company outing

Mood Indigo

Hide your tita-ness with this millennial pink-colored shades. It will not only help you look young but it will also set your vacay look and show your work buddies that you’re out to actually have fun.

Spontaneous road trips

Cotton Candy

Match your cute outfit with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses! Road trips usually lead to pigging out sessions and for that you’d want to wear comfy clothes, right?

Brunch with friends


When you’re with your friends, you can always wear whatever the hell you want. But there are days when you wake up feeling like Beyoncé and decide to have a fancy brunch with the squad. So for you to serve just the right amount of looks, choose an outfit with a pop of color and match it with a black pair of sunnies.

So where are you headed next? Snatch these looks by getting sunnies from Stephane+Christian PH.

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