It had been over four years since our fave DJ trio consisting of Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso, shared a stage. In 2013, the Swedish House Mafia, at the height of their awesomeness, surprised everyone by suddenly revealing that their One Last Tour was, in fact, their actual last together.

Steve Angello eventually went on to his solo career, unfollowing the other two on social media and leaving them to form a duo. Fan speculations were put to rest (well, sort of) when the Leave The World Behind documentary came out and a falling out between the best friends became obvious behind the scenes of their success. Since then, we’ve had Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso performing separate sets at The Palace, which, while still mind-blowing, just isn’t the same as the whole trio ~together~.


last week's madness ? @ingrosso #IngrossoAtThePalace @palacepoolclub

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We can all remember last December when the Rejoice music producer followed the Axwell /\ Ingrosso duo again on social media, giving us all hope for the trio’s reconciliation.

All three (ex-) SMH members then also simultaneously followed Pharell, who had helped the trio produce their hit One (Your Name). And the Swedish House Mafia IG account (@swedishhousemafia) seemed to have been cleaned out of all past posts? Maybe (please God) alluding to a “clean slate”?

BUT 2018 just turned things around for us and the much-awaited reunion actually DID happen–just a few moments ago—at the Ultra Music Festival 2018 and we are #SHOOKT!!!

Yes, it took five long years (FIVE??!!) for us to see the DJ trio back in one stage, serving the world’s biggest EDM and SHM fans (in Miami and on live streaming) a hella solid performance. Ultra 2018 did not disappoint, with the festival tagline being “Expect the Unexpected”—we truly didn’t expect this impossible dream of ours to come true.


It was time

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Thank you, Swedish House Mafia, for saving the world tonight! It’s been a while since we last witnessed (even just through our computer screens) a musical act command a crowd like that—proving the world that they could, without a doubt, reclaim their throne as EDM Kings should they decide to. See it for yourself here:

Here’s to hoping 2018 will bring us more surprises like this. NOW HOW ABOUT A WORLD TOUR SOON? OR A NEW ALBUM??

What did you think about this surprise SMH reunion? Let us know in the comments below!