Four song releases (and a heartfelt fan performance of New Year’s Day), two music videos, a leak, and several cray fan theories later, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: Taylor Swift’s reputation is out.


#reputation is out. Let the games begin.

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Can you hear it? Wherever you are in the world, I’m sure you can. That’s the sound of Swifties screaming non-stop, crowding around iTunes to purchase the much-awaited album.

Tay Tay’s newest installment is also her most pre-ordered album in history, with fans and haters watching out for every single move surrounding it. Many people believe it’s a response to how the media has been portraying her and how she’s taking her life and image into her own hands now.

Taylor’s gone from waiting for Romeo to take her away, for a guy on a white horse to sweep her off her feet, and for a name to fill in a blank space, to rising from the dead and taking over her life. Now, New Taylor wants the world to know that she doesn’t need saving anymore because she can save herself. First step is knowing that she’s more than her reputation.

Is the album Gorgeous? Or will it make Taylor say I Did Something Bad? Call It What You Want, but you can’t deny the hype.

Listen to the whole album here:

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