Spotted on a leisurely hike in Malibu, Taylor Swift and her latest victim- I mean boyfriend- Joe Alwyn, were all loved up as they walked through the trail hand in hand. We know you have a lot of questions. “Who the f*ck is Joe Alwyn?”, “Is Taylor Swift even relevant anymore?”, and “Why would anyone ever hike in a pair of jeans?”. Believe me, we’re thinking hard about the answers, especially on that last one. Last seen publicly when they were caught leaving the Jingle Ball together, Taylor was caught by E! News wearing her J-initial necklace, which she’s already mentioned in a song.

After years of highly publicised relationships with so many men, prompting memes and jokes about her love life, Taylor’s gone and kept things low key, as she’s been doing with everything except her cats. Is she simply preparing for her Reputation Stadium Tour which will see her travel around the US, Europe, and Oceania, or could this be a sign that the grammy winning singer is ready to settle down? If that’s the case, what the hell will she sing about in the future?

Stay tuned to /ESCAPE for the news and coverage! In other news, the pop culture icon just released a new music video about Joe Alwyn, Delicate, at the iHeart Radio Music Awards! Watch it below!