Depending on your place in the high school social strata, prom could go two ways: it could either be the best night of your life or the worst (especially if your parents are chaperoning). For the kids of Huntley High School, senior prom was about to take a turn for the better/worse when EDM frat boy duo The Chainsmokers showed up to prom to give a 10-minute performance. The DJs were set to play at the Allstate Arena later that night and decided to drop by since the hotel was just right across the street.

Before you all write it off as a bizarre coincidence, one of the students from Huntley contacted the band’s manager through email two weeks prior asking if they could perform. Luckily the boys were down to play a free show for a bunch of kids, and this act of kindness from the Nickelback of EDM might just help the rest of us tolerate their music a little better.

Feeling down on your luck? Who knows, your prom might be next.

You can watch the madness here:

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