Who says the “no makeup” makeup look doesn’t work for everyone? Hell no! We’ve heard so many misconceptions about this and we’re totally breaking our silence now. You can definitely nail the #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie like your favorite celebrity if you just know how to do it right.

You’ve probably tried a million ways to perfect this look (and failed every time) but you can now calm down for your misery is over—here’s the only hack you need to know to master the “no makeup” makeup look:

Common Misconception: Going for a foundation lighter than your usual shade

Natural obviously doesn’t mean whiter. Use your usual shade but you might want to avoid full coverage foundation and settle for sheer to medium coverage so you can still top it with a little bit of concealer.

Common Misconception: Skipping concealer

If you feel like the concealer is adding whiteness to your face, just think about your dark under-eyes and weigh what’s more important. Think about it, you don’t have to sacrifice that “much” just to achieve this look.

Common Misconception: Just picking the right shade of lip and cheek tint

Don’t get me wrong, it’s also important. But don’t you think the rosy cheeks and gradient lip combo is so effin overrated? Well if it’s still your favorite thing to do, we ain’t judging.

The Only Hack: Match the color of your brows to your hair and voilà!

This rule works whether your hair is virgin (never been color-treated) or has seen more color than a rainbow. Mimicking the color of your brows to that of your hair’s will instantly make it look more natural. Not all brands have different brow pencil shades though, but we know where you can get ‘em.

Every Benefit Cosmetics brow product has six available shades ranging from light to deep tones. For blondies, shades 1 and 2 will definitely make you stand out more. For red heads or brunettes, shades 3 and 4 will best suit your style and lastly, for girls with natural black hair, shades 5 and 6 will be your perfect pair. If you’re a bit of a silver fox, shades 1 or 6 will make you look even cooler and if your hair color is not really in this chart, worry not ‘cause shade 3 is a flexible color and will still work its magic to make that natural look happen.

Now that you already know how to ace the “no makeup” makeup game, give it a go and take that #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie via Instagram and don’t forget to tag us @escapetothepalace. You can thank us later but for now, tag a friend who needs to see this too.