It’s been two days and it’s safe to say that we’re still not over the shocking news about Tim Bergling’s passing. Famously known as Avicii, he was the young kid responsible for the songs we’d dance our hearts out to like Without You and Levels in the club back in 2011. It definitely brought us back to the time we’d sing at the top of our lungs!

Fans and fellow artists were #shookt and have been expressing their disbelief all over social media—tears were shed and farewells were made. We all thought Lonely Together, his 2017 collaboration with Rita Ora, was the last we would ever hear of the Swedish DJ.

But again, the EDM world was caught by surprise when an unreleased album collaboration between Avicii and Starkillers dropped online this morning. Killers & Rockers, produced back in 2009 but never saw the light of day, includes 12 tracks made in the style Avicii’s fans have known and loved him for.

Nick Terranova, the man behind Starkillers, posted a touching tribute to his colleague, which basically had us ugly crying tbh! Just like Nick, musicians all over the world have been paying homage and reminiscing their times with the famous record producer.

For those looking for closure and more ways to honor the DJ’s legacy, go listen to the unreleased album below. RIP Avicii—you’re surely still rocking it wherever you are. We will definitely miss you and your chart-topping hits!

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