Scenic views, sultry looks, and some pretty dope artwork - Jess Connelly’s Turn Me Down MV is straight out of a dream. With the help of director Paco Raterta’s magic, Jess takes us around a forest-laden, perpetually chill Tagaytay that makes us wish we were on vacation with her. (We also have this strong urge to cop her stylish aviators and peach jumpsuit, ya feel?)

The smooth, sweet tune coupled with Jess’ mesmerizing vocals makes for a fresh, new track that has got us all smitten. Jess Connelly is truly an artist to watch out for in our books. Don’t be fooled by her sweet looks though. Jess handles her PR all by herself and has appeared in a number of global sites to date. This woman is a powerhouse all on her own!

Watch the music video here:

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