This, my friends, is the holy grail of videos this week. We are entitled to the privilege of Hollywood hottie Zac Efron (cute smile, killer body, you get the picture) being as "candid" as ever for the latest installment of Vogue’s 73 Questions. In the video, Zac introduces us to Gramps, his 64 and a half Mustang, and talks about his great love for hip hop and the outdoors. Aside from the fact that the segment seems a bit too rehearsed, we remain to be blown away by the 29-year-old actor's undying charm. And okay, fine. His hot muscular arms too.

The Baywatch star also takes us around his swanky Hollywood Hills home, complete with a pool and a Zac Efron standee to match! When asked which TV show he’d want to have a cameo in, the hottie answered, “Stranger Things!” with such conviction. Now that's a dream we wish to come true!

Watch the video here:

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