When you think ‘flawless’, two things should pop into mind- either yourself or Laura Mercier. Throughout the years, in your efforts to look pretty, the makeup brand’s been set on keeping you that way. You’ll be happy to know that not so long ago at Yes Please, they found a way to push beauty to the extremes. We’re millennials, you see, and we all love a little scandal. Although there won’t be one per se, these shades of seduction will have people gawking at your bold beauty choices.

In case you missed out, here’s what went through at Laura Mercier’s stunning and (not surprisingly) aesthetic AF launch event for Velour Extreme. With matte and playful lippies, a kiss on the lips is bound to come around.

Get to know the 24 shades of seduction


All matte and all very colorful, there was a chance to spin the wheel to fill in the blank ‘Are You A ___’ and find your color. From the classic red lip, in this case Dominate, there’s a shade out there for everyone, depending on how bright and bold the look you’re trying to create is. Live out your tangerine dreams with the orange option in the form of On Point, or bring back the naughties’ favorite color, hot pink, in It Girl.

Did you get to experience beauty firsthand?

When revealing makeup, you better be sure that people would want to try it out ASAP, so you need to get ready. At Yes Please, Laura provided on-site tests and makeovers assisted by experts, allowing guests to beautify themselves while sipping on a cold cocktail from the bar. Everything was set, from the ring lights making your highlights pop, to the makeup brushes ready to dust you with powders.

Get your claws on it ASAP

As if we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the makeup magic Velour Extreme provides, a fun twist to a night of beauty was added by Laura Mercier's claw game. This isn’t Timezone anymore, the claw game prizes include lip plushies that could be exchanged for pretty products, lipsticks included!

Glam up for the gram

I love our generation. As much as we try to live in the moment, there’ something within screaming, “glam up for the gram!!!”. Luckily, the setting was filled with neon lights ensuring good lighting, a collection of palms to create a vibrant urban jungle and mini metallic moments to reflect the flashing lights. Of course, it helps to have had a full face done already, just as we mentioned above.

On a scale of 1 to 24, how in love are we?

The answer, duh, is 24. We’re absolutely obsessed and it’s definitely worth the hype. Fast and easy coverage with minimal swipes, a built in shaper within the lip-pen for you to easily line your lips, and the fact the the lipstick itself has a velvety smooth texture that lasts for long periods of time all makes us want to gravitate towards it. That being said, it also doesn’t hurt that the color pops really well in photos. We’ll take ten of each please!

Thanks to this simply beautiful and aesthetic event, we’re definitely keeping our eyes out on Laura Mercier and any other makeup madness it’ll get us into.

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