It’s time to go on an adventure! I know there’s a lot of you out there just itching for a sweet summer escape. This init AF weather’s gotten to your heads and the crave for a wet and wild getaway intensifies by the minute. So what’s stopping everyone from heading out? We know what it is. It’s the #TravelOnABudget lifestyle isn’t it? Damn. Lucky for you, we know how to work around those limitations and get you ballin’ on a budget during your trip.

Is your wanderlust at an all-time high yet? We know there’s some people strapped for cash, so all the these are all based on a three day trip, considering you’re all ready to rough it out in the hopes of adventure.

Budget: PHP 35,000 | Destination: Phuket

Phuket is expensive. With a budget of 35,000 that you’ve managed to accumulate from since being given your Christmas money, you might just be able to make it. From the island hopping, elephant riding, curry eating activities, every cent you spend is definitely worth it. Make sure to go island hopping for those beach-themed IG stories and to Patong for your bar crawl.

Tickets: Approx PHP 15,000

Rooms: PHP 1,000 - 2,000 per night

Trip Budget: Approx PHP 15,000

Budget: PHP 25,000 | Destination: Bali

There’s been a tourism rise in Bali, seeing lots of Filipinos taking over their sandy shores and having an Eat, Pray, Love moment. If you’re able to hold yourself from spending too much, you’ll definitely be able to survive with your budget, having just enough to let you chill in Seminyak or Potato Head.

Tickets: Approx PHP 11,000

Rooms: PHP 1,000 - 2,000 per night

Trip Budget: Approx PHP 10,000

Budget: PHP 20,000 | Destination: Siargao

Surf’s up! Since Jasmine Curtis Smith, Jericho Rosales, and the whole lot of the Siargao cast released the film, the place has seen more and more people interested in catching the waves there. Who needs to fly long distances when your own country’s got great water of its own anyway?

Tickets: Approx PHP 10,000

Rooms: PHP 500-1,500 per night

Trip Budget: Approx PHP 6,000

Budget: PHP 10,000 | Destination: La Union

If flying isn’t your fancy, just make your way up to La Union! Either take the bus or have a drive, a life hack is to pitch in for gas money with friends so that you can all ride together. Things are more during road trips anyway. A great place for beginner surfers and out of town walwalan, hit up the basic go-tos, Flotsam and Jetsam and El Union.

Tickets: Approx PHP 2,000 (Either for the bus fare or for gas)

Rooms: PHP 500-1,500 per night

Trip Budget: Approx PHP 5,000

Budget: PHP 2,000 | Destination: The Island

We get it. Sometimes you’re just stuck in the city, unable to head to those water world escapes. Our solution? Escape to The Island instead! The Palace’s latest chill spot, grab your friends for eats and treats that’ll let you feel as chill as you’d be on the beach. An all new nightlife experience featuring nine different concept bars and food stalls, this’ll be your new go-to spot in the metro.

Tickets: Approx PHP 400 for your Grab rides

Rooms: Go home!

Trip Budget: Approx PHP 1,000 (Gotta grub and drink, right?)

Live your best life through these epic adventures that you, as a traveler on a budget, can actually go and do. These places, as wet and wild as they can be, are always better with besties by your side. Tag them in the comments to plan your summer getaway! Who knows, you might just find a way to win free tickets to go to Boracay. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to /ESCAPE to find out.