One day your phone rings. You check the caller ID and it’s him (or her, occasional straight male reader). The person you cut out of your life ages ago. Your ex. The one who wasn’t all that bad. The one you fought with over something petty that built up explosively, causing you two to part ways. You suddenly hear Dua Lipa’s New Rules play through your mind.

Do you listen to Dua Lipa or do you pull a Selena? In this instance, you fail the pop goddess of unforgivingness and pick up the phone. The wise move was to trust your gut and cut them out. But… what if? In the very slight chance you manage to befriend your ex after weeks/months/years of being apart, there are some things you’re going to realize. Starting with these.

1. There’s something new about you two.

I’m not saying you both had total character overhauls, you definitely still have your quirks. It could just be for now, but it’s nice to think they took your (unnecessarily bitchy) words to heart. And perhaps you’ve become more mature and a little less prone to psychotic breakdowns. Character development, amirite?

2. There’s a lot of explaining to do.

You’re constantly telling people that you aren’t back together. From your friends who are highkey judging you to your mother who always kinda liked him, the questions are never ending. It’s a good thing you can both just laugh it off now and stay chummy.

3. You realize who was really at fault.

It’s taken some time to get over it. Your pride. Your anger. Whatever it was is gone. All that’s left behind is the truth behind your split. You went sprak over something that could’ve been talked through. You’ll regret it for a while but you’ll realize it was necessary to get to where you are now. But next time, chill ka lang friend.

4. You’ll find new people in their life.

You didn’t notice, but their life moved on without you. It’s funny though, how now that he’s introducing you to his new s/o, you’ve got no words to give but your blessing. In a way, it’s like Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista’s amicable relationship. But of course, without the fans wishing you ended up together.

5. You instantly have a friend who knows ~you~.

At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself in a safe space. You now have them back in your life without the pressure of commitment and without the fear of going psycho. The best part? Your new friend already knows everything about you. It’s a situation a younger you would have been appalled to see. Yet here you are, just friends.


This ex is the one that got away. This totally doesn’t count if you broke up with someone and decided to hate them forever. I.e. they cheated on you, killed your dog, or disrespected your mother. In those cases, eh di putangina din nila.

Happy Holidays, friends. May the spirit of Christmas make you less bitter. Test out your newly renewed friendship by taking them on a great night out, or even a double date!

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