Kim Kardashian-West and Taylor Swift’s feud has turned into one of the longest, most dragged out and exhausting Hollywood feuds in recent memory, and it’s somehow continued into 2017, what with Taylor low-key shading the Wests in Look What You Made Me Do and all. So far, though, Taylor’s been the only one tossing the grenades. We haven’t really gotten anything off Kim’s end. At least, not until now.



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That’s right, that is Kim Kardashian taking a picture of the infamous wax sculptures of Kanye and Taylor used in the video for Famous, the song that started all of this drama in the first place.

Now, obvs we can’t be 100% sure that this is meant as shade. It could just be another throwback to Kanye’s landmark video. But Kim K is a smart, media-savvy woman who knows how to manipulate public opinion very well. She knows what to do, and she knows what ~not~ to do. And this is not something you do if you were trying to let a feud quietly die, is all we’re saying.

Swifties caught on immediately, flooding the post with rat emojis to represent Kim. Some even decided to drop some biology lessons by posting snake emojis and pointing out that ‘snakes eat rats’.

Whether this was meant as shade or not, this proves one thing. Kim K knows how to command attention. Is it a coincidence that this came out the same time she released her family Christmas card line? And that Kim recently snapped a photo of herself with North and Katy Perry, at Katy’s concert, on the day of the reputation launch? We think not.

Although, if I were Kim, I’d probably watch my back, since the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now and she’s dealing with the new Taylor. The new Taylor don’t screw around, honey. I’m thinking another diss track is already in the works.


THE 25 DAYS OF XMAS BY @elirusselllinnetz

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We’re not complaining, though. We’d still readily eat up whatever juicy drama Kim has deigned to serve us.

Do you think this is another instance of #BreakingTheInternet, or are we about to herald the Year of the Snake? Share thoughts in the comments section, below!

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