Some people just can’t keep quiet.

As a person who likes to voice out their opinion of things, I believe I’m one of those people. Honestly, I just can’t shut up. That’s why I won’t last through A Quiet Place, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s latest horror film.
It was an experience like never before, and you’ll feel it as soon as the film starts. It’s eerie, mysterious, slightly uncomfortable, but definitely one great movie. Inspired from the likes of Jaws, one of our favorite summer horrors, every single kill leading up to the end was a sweet tease that didn’t reveal what the monster looked like. That’s how we like it.

Here’s everything we loved (or hated) about A Quiet Place. Be warned- there are some spoilers ahead.

These monsters are actually pretty terrifying

John Krasinski had reportedly said that the creatures’ first design “wasn’t scary enough”, and so the artists and creative team had gone off and created this being at the very last minute. We can only describe the monster as a cross between a turtle, a lobster, the demogorgon from Stranger Things, and the thanator from Avatar. For suspense sake, we’re not letting you see the monster until you’ve watched it yourself. Let your imagination run wild.

Who was the real villain here?

In a world where silence is crucial to survive, it was an everyday object, not the monsters, that caused us the most cringe-worthy pain. A rusty nail. Watching the situation unfold made us weak in our feet, making us curl our toes while watching what we knew would happen. The shriek didn’t come from the film- it came from us.

We want John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as parents

This is John Krasinski and Emily Blunt like we’ve never seen them before. How amazing must you be to leave such an impact without speaking too much? John’s rugged beard, which the film used to amplify the manly shell he needs to hide his complex emotions, had left us screaming, not from fear but with some sort of pleasure. This wasn’t Jim from The Office anymore. This was a built up MAN who cares for his family.

I did NOT expect to cry that much

The trailer allowed us to expect three things. A terrifying monster, a dystopian world, and silence. What we didn’t expect to happen was to be punched in the gut by an overwhelming amount of emotions. Guilt, regret, and self-loathing were some of the movie’s main themes. If sadness was personified, it threw us a sucker punch in the beginning and kicked us in the balls during the end. Horror films surrounding families tend to have that “lives happily ever after?” type of ending, but not here. A Quiet Place had broken the mold.

This is one angsty little girl

Aside from finally representing people with hearing problems, this little girl had so much emotion that made me feel things. Yes, we were angry (but I might be biased because, ew kids) that she had such bratty scenes, but at the end of the day, she was a remorseful child that you (@ daddy John) just have to forgive.

BONUS: Damn it’s hard to eat popcorn

You’d think that to make up for the lack of words being said, the movie would be doused with a lot of music. NOPE. It was a true ASMR experience, letting us listen to every footstep, every creaky floorboard, every drop of water, and worst of all, we could hear ourselves chewing the popcorn. Was I chewing too loud? The anxiety was unimaginable!


There are a lot of unanswered questions- loopholes, if you will- that we thought of while watching. For starters, why didn’t they just live by the river or by the waterfall? Why the F*CK did they choose to have a baby in a world like that knowing that babies are literally THE most annoyingly loud things on the planet? How dare John’s character leave his wife for a fishing trip NEAR HER DUE DATE?! Yes, our minds are filled with cinema sins. But let’s overlook all of them and simply enjoy the movie. Have any questions yourself? Fire away in the comments below!