Catriona Gray may have just become our bet for Miss Universe 2018 over the weekend, but our eyes have been fixated on this independent #Kween for a very long time. Just as we rooted for her to become Miss World Philippines, we rooted for her to become Miss Universe Philippines, and though she didn’t win the international version of the former, we’re sure there’s a high chance for her to win this coming December.

As International Women’s month draws to a close, read up on Kween Catriona and why she deserves to be the next Miss Universe.

She’s a serious risk taker


After months of preparation and guidance and prayers, I kept waiting for a wave of nerves to hit me but it never came. Maybe it was God's gift to me that night, or maybe I just knew I had done everything to be ready, now it was just time for me to enjoy and have fun. Just to think that Im going to be able to say Catriona Gray,,,PHILIPPINES gives me the chills all over again. ?????? How do I begin to thank all of the beautiful souls who have been so generous and kind with their time, effort and resources? Truly, I would not have been able to realise this dream without you all. To Madam SMA and BPCI executive committee thank you for this once in a lifetime oppertunity. To Sir Gines, Ms Liliana, Ate Jems, Kuya Jun and the rest of the black boys of BBP, thank you for an amazing experience over these last few weeks and for looking after me and all of my sisters! ??? To my angels who have dedicated their passion to training me but wish to be anonymous, you have transformed my stage performance. Thank you to the moon and back for all of your time, effort and especially friendship. ?? To kuya @ton_lao, @harleybarleyy and @bragaisjojo for taking me under your wing. To be surrounded by amazing people like you through the craziness that has been this competition has been both reassuring and uplifting. To mamang @hairbybrentsales, @jellyeugenio @memayfrancisco, @momoisupe and @mimsqiu for making me glow throughout the competition. ??? To @jearsond and @maktumang what an amazing experience it is to collaborate with such talented artists!!! Thank you for your amazing talent and making me feel like a queen. ? To my family, my love @clintbondad and my friends for always being there to support me and give me strength. Special shout out to my sister @sandralemonon who kept me sane throughout. Lastly to my #Catrionians what an amazing journey we've been on. Through the highs and lows you've never left my side. For your love, dedication and ceaseless support...I'm am forever grateful that you've chosen me as your queen. This is all for you. Let's do this. ?????♥?? Love your Miss Universe Philippines, 2018. (Ayyyy, ????? ) #CatrionaGrayMUP2018

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You’d think that after competing in Binibining Pilipinas in 2016 and winning her way to the top 5 in the international Miss World pageant, she’d be done trying. Who would go through that again and risk losing? Catriona Gray. As gorgeous as she is, this was a risky move for her. If she didn’t win Miss Universe Philippines, she wouldn’t win anything since she already claimed Miss World. High risk, high rewards.

She likes the pressure

Miss World Philippines 2016. Miss Universe Philippines 2018. The country’s eyes are all over Catriona once again, and though one might think that the pressure would crumble them down, Catriona strives in it. In an interview with, she says that she’s happy we FIlipinos put a lot of pressure on beauty queens such as herself, because that means that we actually care. We don’t love her only if she wins. We’re there rooting for her along the way!

She’s patriotic AF!

You can see it in the way this multi-hyphenate cares about the country and helps those in need. You can see it in the way she specifically asked for an ear cuff that sports characters from the Philippine flag such as the three stars and half of the sun. An edgy and innovative way to show patriotism, but from a style sense of things, we f*cking love it.

She’s as independent as they come

During her road to victory in 2016, she joined a pageant camp in order to win Binibining. After taking the lessons and experiences she had, this pretty halfie decided to enter Binibining solo. Can you believe?! Without the camps advising her, she was free to choose things for herself, from stylists, makeup artists, and designers.

She knows what she wants

In addition to the patriotic cuff earring and the fact that she’s an independent candidate, she was loyal to Mark Tumang, the designer she wanted to create her finals gown. And boy did it pay off. The story of her dress is a pretty one, and you can see how sweet she is in the messages exchanged. An investment on Catriona Gray was a good one, as the designers and stylists who helped her out are now about to face the universe.

Aren’t you excited for her to face off against the international beauty queens this December? I know we are. Show some love for the independently beautiful kween Catriona, in the comments section below!