Oh, the ‘90s: that beautiful transition period toward all things internet and handheld technology. Imagine: ours is the last generation to have normal baby photos on film. I guess that’s also why we’re obsessed with nostalgia. #chos

With Christmas looming overhead, take a trip down memory lane with us as we go through our list of toys we prided ourselves with as ‘90s kids:


Remember when your coolness was defined by your owning and taking care of a Tamagotchi? Yeah, look at us now, struggling to adult and take care of OURSELVES. (Insert dry laughter.) Tamagotchis are gaining popularity again recently. There’s even an app version (just in case the real buttons confuse the touchscreen generation).

Toy Phones (with actual key pads)

Us as kids getting super psyched about toy cordless phones that made beep-boop sounds versus kids today asking their parents for an iPhone.

Game Boys

Computer and video games were at the cusp of greatness at this time. Game Boys were the shit: they paved the way for handheld gaming. The concept of being able to play a portable arcade game was mind-blowing.

Polly Pocket

Okay, I’m sure that was my exact face when I first opened my Polly Pocket play set. It’s a tiny world that fits in my pocket! I mean, how can you not love it?! I took mine everywhere and asked my mom for a new one every Christmas. (I only got one set ever but it was the best thing.)

Bratz Dolls

I don’t care what people say: the Kardashians did not start the lined full-lip trend. The Bratz Dolls obviously did. You can’t help but look at your Jade doll and see that omg, that’s a makeup trend now.


Look at it’s innocent young state. To think these were the first years of an enormous money-making industry now.

Ugh, I don’t know about you but the nostalgia’s got me bad. What other rad items did you play with as a kid? Post them in the comments below!