It’s already been a year since Kim Kardashian declared #NationalSnakeDay but it looks like Taylor Swift’s fans are out to steal the crown this year as they shamelessly claim it as if it’s their holiday! And speaking of crowns, we also caught Disney royalties Selena and Demi exchanging tweets the past week, congratulating each other for their chart-topping singles. Alright, it’s about time we stop with the introductions and get on with the real thang.

You already know what we’re here for—and that’s to deliver just the hot stuff, so here’s your weekly dose of cray stories via #YouMissedWhat.

The Internet says: Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington commits suicide

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/ESCAPE says: Sadly, one of our all-time fave bands will never sound the same again. The Linkin Park lead singer was found dead in his apartment and later on was confirmed to have died by hanging himself—the news about the reinvestigation of the case for the possibility of homicide is not at all true and was just another psycho conspiracy theory. Ever since, the 41-year-old singer has openly talked about his battle against depression, but none of us expected that things would turn out this way.

The Internet says: WTF is wrong about serving hotdogs with marshmallows?!

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/ESCAPE says: Other people might call it weird, but to us Filipinos, it’s usual for birthday parties. Ivanka Trump recently took to Instagram Stories to share the Paw Patrol-themed birthday celebration she threw for her daughter. But this screenshot of hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks caught the people’s attention and called it an odd combo, until a CNN reporter explained that it’s actually a Filipino birthday tradition. Don’t worry, we’re not offended at all.

The Internet says: J.W. Anderson’s x Uniqlo is LIT!

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/ESCAPE says: The J.W. Anderson x Uniqlo collab is finally here! The collection gives off full-on English vibes as British designer Anderson himself said that it was his main inspiration for this. You can easily spot Fair Isle, cable knits, highland tartans and rugby stripe fabrics in this line, but the 32-year-old designer said that his top priority whilst making this was still the comfortability—because that is Uniqlo’s trademark.

The Internet says: T. Swift fans are reclaiming #NationalSnakeDay

/ESCAPE says: It’s already been a year since the Kim K vs. Taylor Swift feud happened, but it looks like the Swifties can’t get over it yet ‘cause they celebrated #NationalSnakeDay and even called it “their” holiday. The fans changed their usernames to “hiss hiss” and targeted the former fans who left the fandom because of this and called them snakes. Cray AF.

The Internet says: First look at Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

/ESCAPE says: Disney isn’t the only one making remakes this year because Nickelodeon also recently announced the launch of their Made-for-TV movies, which will basically be composed of movie remakes based on their ‘90s original shows. In this Hey Arnold teaser, the show creator revealed how Arnold and the gang will look like and also promised that all our questions, especially the one about Arnold’s parents will be answered in this movie. Thrilled AF! 

The Internet says: Disney’s Holy Trinity assemble!


/ESCAPE says: Before this Kevin Jonas tweet even happened, Demi Lovato and her fellow Disney alum Selena Gomez had had a short Twitter convo where the two congratulated each other for their new singles Fetish and Sorry Not Sorry. Demi even brought back their starting days and said, “Loving your new song Fetish, we’ve come a long way since our Barney days,” and Selena replied to her saying, “Yes we have—just listening to Sorry Not Sorry! You slay as always. So happy for you!” BRB, definitely crying!

The Internet says: Is Kita Kita 2017’s best sawi film?

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/ESCAPE says: This isn’t just your usual kilig blockbuster movie. In fact, it’s more of a sawi story and that’s pretty evident with all the people sharing their thoughts on social media. Some said that it’s a breath of fresh air, ‘cause finally we have something that’s not a fairytale-ish romance. Some people also commended Empoy and Alessandra’s unexpected chemistry that despite their funny register, they will still leave you a lesson about life and love and you wouldn’t even realize it until it’s over.

The Internet says: Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and Ygritte are not (yet) engaged


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/ESCAPE says: “You know nothing, Jon Snow”—yes, if you didn’t know yet, the girl who said this famous line is Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte in Game of Thrones’ seasons two to four. She and Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, are actually dating IRL—and just recently, rumors about their engagement surfaced online after one magazine claimed through an “exclusive report” that Kit had proposed to his bae Rose over candlelit dinner and she bursted into tears and immediately said yes. As much as we wanted this to happen, the couple said that the report was apparently fabricated. Yeah, you know nothing about Jon Snow.


The Internet says: Everything on Nike’s millennial pink collection is a must-have!

/ESCAPE says: Nike has officially joined the millennial pink trend. Their latest Chrome Blush collection is made up of metallic to ombre pink sneakers, tank tops, sports bras, sunset-tinted leggings and more that you would definitely need to buy to up your after-workout selfies. The whole collection is now available on their website but try to keep your chill, or else you’ll end up saying R.I.P. to your savings!

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