A lot of things are having a comeback this week—the ‘90s Prada bag care of the Kardashians, the iconic Polly Pocket, and lastly, Zayn and Louis’ friendship. But you know what’s more exciting than that? Of course, #YouMissedWhat—‘cause we’re gonna keep on coming back every week for your dose of cray stories!

Scroll down to find out which news made it to our list this week:

The Internet says: The Kardashians are bringing back a ‘90s thing!

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/ESCAPE says: The Kardashians are once again bringing back a trend! Just recently, Kim K was spotted using a black nylon Prada satchel and after that her sis Kourtney was seen using another Prada classic called “the mini backpack”. As of now, we still wanna wait if Khloe, Kendall or Kylie got the memo—then after that we’ll consider it official.

The Internet says: Louis and Zayn, friends again?


Halloween :)

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/ESCAPE says: Zayn and Louis’ friendship ended when Zayn left 1D, but Louis’ mom Johannah, who recently passed away because of leukemia, had asked her son to make up with his former best friend, ‘cause “life is f*cking short”. And in a recent interview with the Just Hold On singer, he revealed that he has already gotten in touch with Zayn and everything’s settled between them.

The Internet says: Match made in Tinder?!

/ESCAPE says: It all started with a Tinder match and a joke, but look at where it led them. Josh and Michelle’s Tinder conversation went viral—they had been consistently talking to each other just after every 3 months and it took them 3 years to finally meet up. And after their guesting on Good Morning America, Tinder sent them to a week-long trip to Maui. So extra!

The Internet says: GoT-inspired couture collection

/ESCAPE says: It’s really something Daenerys or Cersei would wear! Elie Saab, known for his fully-embroidered and sophisticated dresses, debuted his Fall 2018 collection in Paris called A Tale of Fallen Kings. The concept is the heroism of women warriors, so we’re betting the models’ peg is more Khaleesi than Cersei. LOL.

The Internet says:  Roller-skate stilettos???


Photo credits to Saint Laurent

/ESCAPE says: Are you a cross between stylish and childish? Then this is heaven’s gift for you! It might look crazy at first glance but TBH we think this is something supermodels would use to train—like, stilettos are challenging enough but what more if you combine it with roller skate wheels?!

The Internet says: Polly Pocket merch


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/ESCAPE says: Cute stuff? YES. PLEASE. Remember back in the ‘90s when Polly Pocket was the only thing girls needed in order to look cool in school? Polly Pockets were so addicting that we wouldn’t trade them for actual dollhouses. But now that we’re kinda old (ugh), a UK brand made it possible for us to relive those moments through cute bags and shirts with Polly Pocket prints!

The Internet says: Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse dating IRL

/ESCAPE says: After rumors spread that people saw them kissing and canoodling at Comic Con and with Lili greeting Cole on Instagram with a very sweet caption, we’re really betting that #BugHead is real! Although the young actors haven’t confirmed anything yet, the fact that they’re not denying it either makes us feel hopeful AF.

The Internet says: Despacito is now the most watched vid on YouTube


@daddyyankee reacts to #Despacito's new record

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/ESCAPE says: I know, you’re already over it! But with over 3 billion views, Despacito’s music video became the most watched video on YouTube, beating Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s See You Again. As of know, there’s still no music video for the version with Justin Bieber in it, but we doubt that it’ll happen soon ‘cause it looks like JB wants to take time off.

The Internet says: Nadine Lustre says bye to Twitter


Im a love$ick **** ?

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/ESCAPE says: Fans were shookt because @hellobangsie is no more. Nadine Lustre often says on her interviews that she gets easily stressed when she hears people’s bad comments about her, so she started turning off the comments section on her Instagram—but maybe it wasn’t enough ‘cause now, she said #ByeFelicia to Twitter.

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