It’s really an honor for us to watch you people go cray over various scene-stealers on the interwebz and we don’t come to disappoint, ‘cause if you thought last week’s stories were superb, then IDK what this week should be called. Tell me Perrie’s fresh pun for #ZiGi isn’t hilarious AF, and how about that viral tweet about Kapamilya hottie Paulo Avelino’s girlfriend—we’re pretty sure you hit retweet the moment you saw it!

We already know this list gives you life, so here’s your much-needed weekly dose of entertainment via #YouMissedWhat.

The Internet says: Michael Kors x Jimmy Choo

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/ESCAPE says: British label Jimmy Choo will no longer be standing on its own as American luxury brand Michael Kors purchased it for 1 billion dollars. F*cking casual. Michael Kors’ plan is to expand the brand’s market by making luxury goods for men and also increase its exposure to global markets which might include actual franchises here in Asia.

The Internet says: The funniest response about Paulo Avelino’s girlfriend

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/ESCAPE says: And the Internet strikes again! Just recently, Paulo Avelino confirmed the rumor regarding his relationship with Fil-Aussie model Jodie Elizabeth Tarasek. All of his fangirls were shookt and brokenhearted so their sawi hearts can’t help but express their feels on Twitter in the wittiest way possible.

The Internet says: G-Dragon is like Kanye, according to Vogue

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/ESCAPE says: It’s not every day that you get acknowledged by the world-famous fashion magazine Vogue, let alone call you a fashion icon, and even get compared to Kanye West. But to be fair, Korean idol GD really deserves the recognition after opening his own fashion line in the US—which we’re pretty sure will be a huge hit because who’s not obsessed with his style?!

The Internet says: Princess Diaries 3!!!

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/ESCAPE says: This might be long overdue, but who cares? The fact that we’ve waited for this for more than a decade makes it more interesting and exciting. Our favorite lead roles Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews already said that they’re game to do it, and even the writers and producers said that there’s a big chance it’s gonna happen. And here’s the catch, the script has already been written!

The Internet says: Cara Delevingne’s first music video!

/ESCAPE says: ICYMI, Cara just released her first ever single I Feel Everything, produced by none other than Pharrell Williams. Although the supermodel-turned-movie-star seems to be all over the place recently (literally), we think she should just stick to the stuff she does well, and not venture into music. LOL. But either way, we’re happy for the success of her recent movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. (Thanks to Riri.)

The Internet says: Perrie just threw major shade to #ZiGi

Perrie Edwards Slams Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik... by Hollywoodlife

/ESCAPE says: We all know that Shoutout To My Ex is kinda about Zayn and present girlfriend Gigi, but what we didn’t see coming is when Perrie spontaneously (or has she planned this all along??) changed the lyrics to “I hope she’s getting better sex, hope she ain’t faking it like Hadid,” in their recent concert. MAJOR SHADE!!

The Internet says: Did Macaulay Culkin just reach peak puberty?!

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/ESCAPE says: If you’re into “actors from then and now” articles, then you might have already seen Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin in the thread. But hey, if you didn’t like him the first time you saw his grown-up (a.k.a. psycho) photos, you should reconsider crushing on him now ‘cause it looks like he just reached his peak puberty and actually got hot!

The Internet says: Tomorrowland stage got lit, literally!

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/ESCAPE says: Around 22,000 people were evacuated during the Tomorrowland Unite music fest in Barcelona because of a technical difficulty that caused fire to break out on the main stage. Luckily, no one got hurt, but DJ Steve Aoki and other DJs who were set to play that night didn’t get to perform as the show got immediately #cancelled. Sad.

The Internet says: Kris Jenner in a bikini got us #shookt!


Kris Jenner looking like a snack! ? I see you mommy! #6KidsAndBad!

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/ESCAPE says: Momager ain’t backing down ‘cause she just proved that she’s also as hot like her daughters—at the age of 61. Recently, reality TV star Kris Jenner went on a trip with Tommy Hilfiger in Greece, but only shared pictures of the view, her colleagues and the Tommy Hilfiger yacht on her Instagram. But Khloé did the honor of posting her momma’s sexy mirror selfie whilst wearing a halter bikini.

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