Are you in the midst of guessing your current relationship status? Then you might have already shared or tagged your friends in this thread of comic series started by Rob Cham called Mundane Adults. Rob Cham dedicated the series for those of us who do not feel like kids anymore, and we’re not surprised it clicked because it mirrors the reality of the adult world—it’s definitely not just the typical chummy life story. And to prove that, here’s a list of the times we said “OMG, that’s so me!” to Mundane Adults.

When you’re phone rings but it’s not from the person you wanted it to be

Photo courtesy of Hulyen

When you just want to Netflix and chill but she’s got no chill at all

Photo courtesy of Rob Cham 

When clingy isn’t cute anymore

Photo courtesy of Mady Marcelino

When bae is life but school/work is life-r

Photo courtesy of King Gabrel

When you’re heart-and-kiss-emoji zoned

Photo courtesy of Margarita Martha Maramara

When things got way too real 

Photo courtesy of KAMP a.k.a Kamella Pearl Villa

When she says love isn’t like rocket science

Photo courtesy of Rob Cham 

When she’s accurate AF

Photo courtesy of Grickenfish 

When she’s avoiding you on purpose

Photo courtesy of Hulyen

When you know “they lived happily ever after” will never be your kind of ending

Photo courtesy of DarlingKink

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Share your feels with us in the comments below and tag someone who you know can relate too!

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