Hyping people up like this is always successful. Just have a look at how well Jess Connelly or our fave K-Pop band BTS is doing because of their fans. There’s a new tradition that our favorite musicians are putting into motion. They draw eyes to themselves, not with lavish stunts or attention-thirsty posts, but with the exact opposite. They delete their Instagram feeds and virtually disappear. Taylor Swift did it, and now so did Zayn Malik. Another method, done by Nicki Minaj in this instance, would be to initiate a countdown.

From rising success to latest releases, these are /ESCAPE’s top music moments of the week.

Zayn Malik lives the Bonnie and Clyde lifestyle in Let Me

Power. Greed. Vengeance. Seduction. Passion. Loyalty. Money. Love. Revenge. The classic themes of a wonderful action drama, a music video concept the former One Direction singer’s very familiar with. Much like his music video for Dusk Till Dawn, the video is slathered with a Gigi Hadid lookalike (yes, we’re still not over the breakup. Love is dead.) and lots of fast-paced action. Can someone just give Zayn his own Bonnie & Clyde series already?

Jess Connelly’s DEEP + INVOLVED gets bodies writhing

Jess Connelly is known for her smooth songs you just can’t help but bop your head to. The SceneZoned singer’s latest hit, DEEP + INVOLVED is no different as she makes people writhe in either pleasure or agony (though there’s a high chance it’s both). The eccentric music video is filled with neon lights, butchered fish, and Jess’ gorgeous profiles. You bet we’ve already added the song to our chill night playlists.

Nicki Minaj finally makes her long awaited comeback

Nicki Minaj, queen of all things pretty in pink, released not one but TWO tracks. As a fan, damn we’re blessed. The first of the two releases is Barbie Tingz, which is nothing surprising seeing how we’ve been accustomed to her plastic persona, and the second is Chun Li, a song about being a bad bitch rapper, thighs as thick as Street Fighter’s Chun Li. Listen to the full song here, or watch the music video teaser above for a simple snippet.

Taylor Swift makes delicate acoustic covers for Spotify Singles

After an awkward time of forcing an edgy aesthetic to her self-branding, Taylor Swift provided her fans with what they wanted. A sweet, symphony full of love rather than angst. We remember when the original music video was released, just as Joe Alwyn and Tay Tay were on a cute date, and we thought so highly of it. With this beautiful acoustic series on Spotify, we’re seeing more and more of the old Taylor, even if she did die.

BTS rises up to the 2nd spot of Billboard’s Top 10 Artists

Billboard’s Artist 100 list saw The Weeknd take the number 1 spot, which is expected—you’ll discover why in a while, but it’s the placement of the K-Pop band BTS in second place that has everyone screaming. From Ansel Elgort to our very own Tita Kris Aquino, we’ve been seeing more and more of the #BTSArmy, and it looks like their talent is being noticed by a lot of people who have a say in music.

The Weeknd Officially Wins Music In 2018

In 2017, Kendrick Lamar took over Billboard’s top ten songs, filling it up with five lit hits from DAMN! That’s great and all, but this is a new year, and another music powerhouse had done the same. The Weeknd’s album, My Dear Melancholy, had five bangers that made it onto Billboard’s top ten, with Call Out My Name overtaking Drake’s God’s Plan for the spot of number 1. You go, Abel. We’re all very proud and thankful for this great music.

Do you agree with our top six music moments for the week? Or do you have any other faves you’d like us to notice? Let’s discuss it all in the comments section below!